hell is forever

"And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever, and they have no rest day or night..." 
Revelation 14:11

Divine Encounters and Visitations. 
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A Personal Testimony - My Visit to Hell

by Krystal Robson


 Krystal Ingram Robson

Before Krystal Ingram-Robson accepted the Lord she was not sure what to think about heaven or hell. 


This doubt quickly vanished as the Lord took her on a series of trips that literally changed her life forever.


You will be touched as you read her very powerful and profound testimony.  






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A Visit to Hell

My Personal Testimony


by Krystal Robson    


It all started about eight months ago. Right after I got married I went through deliverance, resulting in salvation, one of the best gifts God ever gave to us is our savior Jesus Christ, His only son (John 3:16.) Following God was the hardest decision I ever made, but I couldn’t keep going down the road I was down, I couldn’t keep just existing. At one point in time of my short life I did not believe in a Heaven or a Hell. I did not believe in God, for irrelevant reasons. After receiving my salvation I had alot of questions to ask God that I did not understand. Things like, " Lord, your word says you don’t want any of your people to perish and if we are all created in your image than why do people go to Hell?" "Lord, how could you send someone to Hell?" The Lord shortly answered me. He brought me through not only trying times and healing that was very undeserved, but a series of times in Hell. I know, it sounds crazy, but please stick with me.

I was one of those "Christians" that sat in the church pew barely paying any mind to the pastor. I was one of those " Christians" that thought repentance was saying I was sorry, and next weekend I was doing the same thing that I had said sorry for. I was the one who believed in the once saved always saved. This is not so, you can fall out of the will of God. I thought that because I knew a few Bible verses and could talk about God openly I would go to Heaven. No this is wrong. Yes read your Bible, it is good for you, but it will not save you. Your only salvation is Jesus, and confessing and accepting Him into you’re life and trying daily to have an intimate relationship with Him. Things about you will begin to change. I was always the first to get up and leave church if they preached on Hell. I did not want to hear about it.

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